Optimise Your Energy
Maximise Your Savings
Reduce Co2

Harness the Power of Voltage Optimisation

Reduce Energy Consumption

With decreased kw/h consumption

Power Your Savings

Save up to 20%

Reduce Carbon Footprint

With significantly less CO2 emissions

How it Works

EcoPower VO enhances energy efficiency by regulating the incoming voltage from the grid, ensuring that electrical devices use only the necessary power for optimal performance. 

The National Grid delivers, on average, 242 volts to all UK users. With the voltage optimised, electrical equipment works at optimum cost efficiency at 220 volts. All supply above 220 volts is waste.

Through Ohm’s law, optimising voltage on any supply produces instant kWh savings of up to 20%, which will give an instant reduction in electricity bills and carbon footprint.

Who Benefits

Any business looking to cut down on their electricity costs and improve environmental performance can benefit from this technology.

Not only does EcoPower VO reduce energy consumption, but it also provides businesses with access to powerful data insights that can help them identify further ways to save money and become more efficient. 

Operating at elevated voltage levels shortens a machine’s lifespan by up to 46%. Therefore, voltage optimisation not only leads to substantial energy savings but also contributes to extending the life of your equipment.

Naturally, the considerable environmental savings achieved through EcoPower VO benefit everyone – facilitating a greener and more sustainable future.

Intelligent Energy Reduction

Identifying reductions through Online Remote Metering & Monitoring

The Voltage Optimisation energy reduction system not only minimises energy consumption and its related expenses, but also provides a range of advantages due to its customisable, adaptable, and expandable nature, such as:

  • Provides complete visibility on energy spend – find out where your money is going
  • Completely transparent with customer interface – access your data anytime, anywhere
  • Complete turnkey solution to energy reduction – we take care of the data analysis and provide the best solution for your needs. All you need to do is enjoy the savings
  • Fully expandable
  • Can prolong the working life of key equipment such as motors and transformers
  • Reduces both energy spend and carbon footprint
  • Performance guaranteed to save at least the cost of solution

Trusted By

Case Study

Polyflor is one of the biggest flooring manufacturers in the world – specialising in high-quality, innovative, and eco-friendly solutions. They trusted EcoPower VO to help them with their energy saving targets.

  • Annual savings achieved: £42,929
  • Co2 savings achieved: 253.27 Tonnes of Co2
  • Payback: 10 Months
  • Improved utility
  • Reduction of 1,496 Amps per phase
  • Reduction of 1,076 kVa demand
  • Removal of reactive power

Case Study

Frankie & Benny’s is a popular restaurant chain with over 200 locations throughout the UK. They were looking for ways to reduce their energy costs across their sites and appointed EcoPower VO as their trusted partner.

  • Annual savings achieved: £935,240
  • Co2 savings Achieved: 5,379 Tonnes of Co2
  • Payback: 1.8 Years
  • Immediate cost savings achieved
  • Reduction in Co2 emissions
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Fast return on investment

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