The Hydrovine Solution is a 2-stage process that utilises 100% mineral cleaning and disinfection solutions which are generated on-site.

Hydrovine Clean is the first stage which is utilised within a proprietary pre-wash footbath.

Hydrovine Disinfect is highly effective in destroying all pathogens including the bacteria that cause lameness.

A revolutionary disinfection solution for livestock and farms

Lameness in Cattle

There are three main economic impacts of lameness:

Increase Risk of Premature Culling

Reduced Fertility

Reduced Milk Yields



Daily cost per cow from lameness assuming 25% prevalence



Annual financial loss from lameness for a herd of 100 cows

The Solution

With Hydrovine Solutions, the farm generates their own disinfectant at
the volumes needed to support the whole farm.
  • Destroys 99.999% of all pathogens within seconds
  • Contains no toxins. Will help the healing process in addition to destroying bacteria
  • Is not hazardous to humans or cows
  • Does not need mixing
  • Can be inhaled or ingested without any adverse effects
  • Works at ambient temperatures
  • Is not corrosive
  • Will not pollute the land
  • Can be used for multiple applications throughout the farm
  • Multiple EU & BS approvals
  • Cost effective

Reduce Lameness

Hydrovine has been trialled by researchers at the Royal Veterinary College (University of London) on a UK farm with 735 dairy cows. 350 were lame. This was a zero graze herd, with slurry providing perfect conditions for Bacillus Necrophorus. Infected lesions were washed twice a day with hypochlorous acid (HOCl), while the cows were being milked. After three weeks, there were no lame cows at all.


  • Reduce the incidence of lameness in dairy cows
  • Improve animal welfare
  • Reduce the levels of hazardous chemicals being used in dairy farms
  • Reduce exposure to carcinogenic substances
  • Reduce the overall carbon footprint throughout the farm
  • Increase biosecurity
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Improve milk yield
  • Improve land management
  • Achieve significant financial savings

A 2-Stage Process

Hydrovine is generated by the electrolysis of a saline solution.

The process produces 2 separate liquids: a powerful cleaning product (Hydrovine Clean); and one of nature’s most effective disinfectants (Hydrovine Disinfect).

Stage 1 – Pre-Wash

  • A unique pre-wash footbath will remove the majority of contaminants from the feet.
  • The footbath utilises Hydrovine Clean to provide comprehensive removal of slurry and debris from the feet.


Stage 2 – Disinfect

  • Once cleaned, the cows walk directly from the pre-wash footbath into the disinfection bath.
  • A standard trough utilising Hydrovine Disinfect. Hydrovine Disinfect will destroy all bacteria it encounters.


Hydrovine has a multitude of uses in farming



Cleaning & Equipment

Hydrovine for Livestock

Hydrovine will remove the need to use formaldehyde and copper sulphate by producing significantly improved results and reduced hazards.

On-site generation of Hydrovine is cost-effective and allows it to be widely used – directly on the animals as well as throughout the farm.

CLEANING & DISINFECTING FEET: Effective cleaning & disinfection to reduce lameness

MASTITIS: Highly effective as a pre & post-milking sanitiser which reduces the incidence of mastitis
TEAT DIPS: Hydrovine can be used instead of iodine for teat dips. Hydrovine would be as effective but far more gentle and less prone to cracking the skin
PINK EYE TREATMENT (PREVENTATIVE & REACTIVE): Hydrovine can be utilised as an alternative therapy to reduce pain, infection and healing time of corneal lesions
ANIMAL WOUND & INFECTION CARE: Hydrovine holds veterinary approvals to EN46675 (virucidal) & EN1656 (bactericidal). It is highly effective at cleaning wounds, sores, ulcers etc.



  • The chemicals used are usually handled and stored in concentrated forms which carry environmental and H&S concerns
  • Many of the solutions require to be applied at an elevated temperature
  • Hydrovine could replace all chemicals used in the current process. Furthermore, they do not require application at elevated temperatures. Also, the waste does not require controlled disposal


  • Currently use highly corrosive acids that often lead to corroded rubber tubing
  • Corroded rubber tubing can harbor bacteria – one of the main causes of mastitis
  • Hydrovine Clean is highly effective at cleaning pipelines and removing biofilm without causing any corrosion of the piping and be used in both manual and auto back-flush systems.
  • Particularly in times of outbreak, wheel dips are used to control cross-contamination between farms. Hydrovine is highly effective in increasing the biosecurity of farms.

Hydrovine for pOULTRY FARMS

Hydrovine can be used for the effective treatment and care of poultry, reducing the need to use any toxic chemicals; improving mortality rates and yield.

Hydrovine destroys bacteria, bacterial spores and viruses – 100 times more effective that chlorine bleach. 

Hydrovine will destroy 99.999% of pathogens, including Rotovirus, Mycoplasma and ORT. It can be used in drinking water, shed sanitation and for wound & eye care.


  • Hydrovine can be widely distributed using misting or fogging machines. It can be applied using pressure sprayers to sanitise equipment and hard surfaces
  • Proper sanitation of the hatchery and living environments is essential for reducing the incidence of E.coli, Salmonella and Listeria
HIGHLY EFFECTIVE AGAINST AVIAN INFLUENZA VIRUS & NEWCASTLE DISEASE: Numerous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of HOCl (the active ingredient in Hydrovine) with destroying multiple avian diseases. 
DISINFECTING WATER-LINES: Keep water lines free from biofilm and deposits with immediate results.
REDUCED ANTIBIOTIC USE: Hydrovine can be introduced into drinking water at low percentages to greatly reduce, or even remove the use of antibiotics.
SANITISING EGG SHELLS: Hydrovine is safe and effective for sanitising egg shells against E.coli, Salmonella and Listeria.

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