At Environmental Business Solutions, we recognise the immense potential of businesses to drive positive change. To us, merely discussing sustainability isn’t enough – we are determined to lead by example.

Our commitment extends to adopting sustainable business practices, providing eco-friendly products, and planting trees to counterbalance carbon emissions.

Our company’s core technology, electrolysed water, generates cleaning and disinfecting solutions that outperform harsh chemical-based products while remaining 100% biodegradable. Comprising of only salt and water, these products eventually break down, returning to their original components, making them an environmentally responsible choice.

Our electrolysed solution, hypochlorous acid (HOCl), offers a non-toxic and rinse-free cleaning alternative that effectively eliminates pathogens within seconds. Boasting 100 times the potency of bleach, HOCl is backed by a range of BS/EN accreditations, testifying to its efficacy.

With the lowest carbon footprint among comparable products, HOCl is exclusively produced in the UK. As a natural compound generated by white blood cells in all mammals, our products pose no risk if inhaled or ingested, ensuring safety and reliability.

Our Grove

Environmental Business Solutions has recently adopted a grove which was previous established in 2021. We are committed to donating a percentage of our revenue for planting trees. Click the button below to learn more about our grove!

Our Growth

As our company grows, so does our commitment to sustainability. We want to ensure that our business has a meaningful and lasting contribution to the world, so we take seriously our responsibility to make a good, positive impact on the environment.

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